Monday, 29 June 2009

return of the pet portraits and Lee/Che

Well, just this once... I've been consciously doing less and less of the portraits, simply because I wanted to concentrate on my other work and the portrait site was becoming a little too successful. I love animals, but spending week in, week out drawing dogs was losing its lustre a little. This one is a special case however, its Lee's girlfriend's dog, Ben, who died last year and he wanted to give her a portrait as a birthday gift. How could I refuse!
It's Lee's 21st birthday this weekend... so scary how time flies. As he's obsessed with Che Guevara and his user name on everything is Our Glorious Leader, I'm making a spoof of the poster above for his birthday and getting a friend to print it out at A1 - will post my effort when I'm finished. I did think about using the iconic image, but it's just too obvious. There's even a site where you can Che Guevarize yourself! How sad.

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