Friday, 16 May 2014

Aberdeen, Stonehaven... Milan!

My Blessings print continues its global conquest, this time heading off to Milan (London, Paris and New York next perhaps???). As this sale came from my collection of cards and prints available over on cloth nappy specialists The Nappy Laundry Company, owner Nicole insisted on an 'artist signing the print' picture - can you tell she had a previous life in PR?!

Incidentally, a little PR of my own: mini business cards, each featuring one of my illustrations. They're very cute!

In other news this week, a spectacularly failed attempt to see King Creosote at the 'From Aberdeen with Love' screening - tickets on the door turning out to be a myth, unlike that of the arts scene in Aberdeen being a parochial clique. Feeling like you're trying to gate crash a private party rather than attempting to access a public event is not exactly the most uplifting cultural experience I've ever had! (Although I did get to see Kenny Anderson up close and exceptionally beardy, before opting for tapas outside at cafe 52 instead! Less cultural and hairy, but more delicious!).

Sunday, 4 May 2014

busy doing nothing


A good day. A 5 mile walk along the coast from Inverbervie to Johnshaven for lunch at the Anchor Inn, a visit to starfish studio (where I bought the fabulous local pottery jug now housing the twig collection from my boys), then a - slightly slower!- walk back. 

My pedometer mannie is super happy! 

Later, a barbecue and bonfire on the beach with friends, all finished off with a couple of erdingers and a bowl of chips outside the marine hotel. Sometimes it's nice not to be working.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

less geisha, more ghost

The beer label visuals progress, pretty much along the route of this post title!

Update: so the Green Lady Brewing Co. are happy, give or take some minor adjustments I've still to make. I'm so excited to see it on bottles, on actual shelves! I will be posting pics!