Saturday, 22 February 2014

good things come

Little things make me happy: this weekend's delicious Spanish red, the label of which is featured in the contemporary wine label design book I recently acquired as research for the beer label project. 

As a design theme it works brilliantly: according to the blurb, Matsu is a Japanese word that translated into English means "to wait". But Dunnottar Wines, my local wine emporium, doesn't stock the older dudes - I guess as you would expect, they're featured on the finer Matsu vintages. (Not, incidentally, a metaphor that necessarily holds true outside of the wine world...).

As an aside, I downloaded the snapseed app to edit the image on the iPad... and I like it! It's more intuitive than PS express and has a bunch more filters and textures. Best of all, it's free. And, as the blurb on the website where I found it said: "Snapseed: only you can decide whether to make your photos approximately 72 per cent more ominous"!!! Recommending...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

all thumbs

Working on the layout for 'Morse', small rough thumbnails to begin with... It's tricky, as I have a layout in Gaelic (which I don't read!) and an English translation which isn't formatted at all! As a result, I have to toggle between the two in order to know what's happening on each page... arghhh! It's hard to move text around to accommodate the illustrations, when I have no idea what it says! Will get there eventually!

Monday, 3 February 2014

black magic

Ostensibly research for the Morse book, but actually just helluva cool. The one 'buy new' copy on amazon was £170 (!), this [used] one was a grand total of...1p!!!! Worth every, well the only, penny! Errol Le Cain's illustrations are amazing.