Thursday, 30 January 2014

are you looking at me?

I have another meeting with Gracie this weekend, to go over the Morse character and to work out the layout of the book. Gracie has given me photographs to work with (Morse was an actual, real cat!) and this is one of my first, very rough, sketches. Just trying to work out how he will look. I'm quite taken with the 'surly child' expression!

Monday, 27 January 2014

off the shelf

I think I've already said, but I'm super excited to be designing the beer labels for new, upcoming Stonehaven tipple, the Green Lady. I'm a regular visitor to the fabulous Dunnottar Wines, who will be brewing the brew, and not just because no.1 son is the manager! This time though, it was for genuine beer label research (although I did pick up a hitherto untried 2011 Malbec while I was there...).

So, I'm currently swotting up on all things label design (bliss!), and also managed to use the drawing of ghostly, elfin type creatures as an excuse to purchase a mini copy of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book, which I have coveted for years (nay, decades!). It doesn't get much better!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

sea salt

A tentative dipping of the toes back in the (blogging) water... Mucho happening here but, as a lot of it in 2014 is illustration related, I thought I'd check back in. I've just finished the illustrations for the spring issue of Juno, and met with Gracie Summers (author of the Morse book I'm illustrating for Acair) last Saturday. The layout is well underway - roughs to follow...

Ooh, and I also have a beer label to design, which I'm very excited about! (And I say that as someone who collects illustrated wine labels, believe me, I'm super excited!!!).

Oh, and happy new year! I've missed this!