Sunday, 21 April 2013

we need a montage... (montage)

An abundance of time has indeed passed since I last alighted on this blog, so I was going to start with a Team America-style montage to bring us immediately up to date... However, as that would have resulted in a mega post of epic proportions, instead here's a wee ice breaker from the first item on my montage list (in easily digested bite sized chunks...)

At last! Photographs of my mythical book of children's plays! I did the illos way back in the mists of 2010, and the book was finally published last year. 

Incidentally, have I ever said I have thing for the smell of newly printed books n brochures? Seriously, open one up, stick your nose in and take a great big sniff! Lovely.

There. I think that has broken the ice.