Wednesday, 7 March 2007

end of an era

Last day at work today... 11 years, tens of thousand of pounds worth of design pitches won for the company, and my bosses didn't even say goodbye, nevermind thank you (and obviously no present!). Eventually, 10 minutes before I was due to finish, I went to say goodbye to them (just good manners after all) and one of them had already left! Still, think the other one felt really small, well I'd like to think so but hey, probably not! I even worked until 8pm last night on the last job I was doing for them - nice to know it's all been appreciated!!!

Fortunately, the people and clients I work with more than made up for the pathetic pair of scrooges. They baked a cake, gave me a much appreciated amazon book voucher, the Kooks & Kaiser Chiefs cds, two bottles of Faustino and a bottle of champagne (and they'd written two amazing poems for me too). Going for a drink with some of them on Friday and made them this card to say thank you. I'm really going to miss working with them.

It most definitely is the end of an era. After leaving work, I came home and my very ancient cat, who has been failing for a few weeks now, died at 5pm. I couldn't believe it at first, she was such a survivor, but she really has gone. Lots and lots of tears and full of guilt at not spending enough time with her over the last few weeks.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

illustrative schizophrenic and gaelic pronunciation

I've moved on to the next project. I'd like to do a series of cards/prints based on seasons and weather. My style is constantly evolving and changing, I don't know if that's a result of keeping going with design, portraits and illustration at the same time? I'd like to think you can still tell it's my work but then sometimes wonder if I'm just an illustrative schizophrenic!

It's my last day of work tomorrow [I handed in my notice three weeks ago] and I start my new job on Monday. I'm completely hyper tonight - so excited! - I've worked there for 11 years and I'm just itching for a change. Will have to start swotting up on my traditional Scottish musical instruments and gaelic pronunciation!