Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hamish homework

Jack got his nursery school bear home for the weekend - a huge responsibility! He took it very seriously on the first night, with lots of kisses and cuddles and long, whispered conversations to the bear. He even introduced Hamish the bear to his teddies, Sid & Brian.
We took the bear for a walk on Saturday but then forgot about him completely - he spent the night in the buggy in the porch (oops!). There was a lot of making up to do on Sunday...
Part of the responsibility was to write a letter 'from' Hamish to the other children, which the teacher reads out in the story corner on Monday morning when the bear is returned to school (aarghh, and I had the Science Festival deadline looming!!!). The illustrations are from the letter we did - easier to draw doodles of the events than try to make a quiet weekend sound exciting!

Also, I'm not quite sure if this has developed into a full blown imaginary friend, but Jack seems to be 'talking' to an invisible someone called 'Carrot'!

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Echo the Bat (above) for the Fife Science Festival. There are eight panels telling the Scottish story of the evolution of ultrasound.