Wednesday, 30 July 2008

folk it

Images for my cupboard project, right now I'm liking a folk art stylee... It's very decorative but I reckon if I stick to muted colours it'll look quite modern too. I'm trying to keep going with the growing boy illustration too but I'm itching to get started on this [have a spot picked in my kitchen for it and everything!].

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

a new project

The cupboard is my latest project - it's pretty ugly just now but I have big plans for it... For once the sun has been shining and Jackson and Kenzie have been making a den in the tree. [no prizes for guessing who inspired the boy in the illustrations...]

the growing boy

Current personal project... right now have gone back to listening to Neko Case, The Fox Confessor, definitely one to have on when working on a kids' book...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Here's the progress on the rough below - a painstaking process of layer upon layer of watercolour, trying to gauge when it's 'just right' (before I overwork it and end up hating it!). It's my favourite bit though; it's worth taking the time over the roughs and initial drawing out. I love the feeling of having a freshly stretched piece of paper, just waiting for an image to appear on it... making it come to life is immensely gratifying.

My tip for freelancers who work in the evening; keep your painting water and red wine glass in separate spots - not good if you dip your brush in the wrong one... although slightly preferable to the alternative. I will live and learn...

Sunday, 20 July 2008

lettuce start...

And so, work has begun on my current project - sketches and visuals above. I won't reveal much about the plot for now - mainly because I'm still trying to pin down the idea that's in my head... At the moment I have the whole book finished (in my mind!), but when I try to catch it and see it in more detail it kind of flits away from me. Still, I'm persevering; listening to Beirut and attempting to bring it to life.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

smokin sessions

This is the design I've been working on in my day job - for Scottish Culture & Traditions. It's a smokin' session =) I persevere with my mission to make trad 'sexy' and to lose its beard and woolly jumper image. Only trouble is, I have to get this past the beard & jumper brigade before it can go to print!

Meanwhile, I'm working on a new idea for a children's book (all will be revealed shortly), marketing my existing work to a fabulous greeting card company, listening to Regina Spektor and waiting patiently for summer to arrive in soggy Scotland.

Sunday, 6 July 2008



On a lighter note - I'm teaching myself to play Jeff Buckley on the clarsach and it's starting to sound pretty awesome... But hey, why am I teaching myself? Good question, you'd think being married to a classical guitar player I'd have access to some extra-curricular tuition - not so!