Sunday, 24 June 2012

a big bowl of word soup

Gosh, I'm finding it hard to write this blog after such an intermittent year - I'm not sure any more if it's a blog on work or life or musings, or just a incoherent collection of words (which in turn made me think of the fabulous paper bowl I was given at Christmas and gave me an excuse to include a picture!). Be thankful I have spared you the post of hugely angry state of the nation political rantings and ravings, including how the way the life I turned upside down a year ago has been turned upside down again meaning, incidentally, you're about to start seeing a whole lot more of me here again. Instead, as I do actually have something vaguely resembling illustration news to impart, I shall stay just this side of sane and stick to updates.

The book of children's plays (from 2010!) is almost nearing completion. I received the pdf of the layout design from the publisher last week and although it was strange to see all the illustrations again, happily there are still quite a few I'm pleased with. In putting the layout together the publisher realised they were one play short in the original illustration brief, so my return to freelance illustration has started even faster than I'd hoped - I have the additional play to illustrate this week as publication day is looming.

Talking (tenuously) of looms, I have my printed copy of the weaving illustration which appears in the summer issue of Juno, alongside the measles image (the image above is a section of it). It turns out the Cotswolds holiday cottage I'm heading to next month is not far from the home of the Juno editor - we're meeting for coffee and it'll make a lovely change to have a non-virtual conversation with someone I've only ever communicated with via email in the past.