Friday, 25 June 2010


I'm feeling particularly smug after finally making the cushion for J's chair. And it only took me a couple of hours too (discounting almost a year of procrastination before I opened my sewing box, obviously). I expect my parents realise the error of their ways when they made such a fuss about me dropping Higher German to take F&F with a view to doing something vague with textiles now. Oh yes.

So, yay, feeling all Good Life and Country Living today. Plus, the best bit... it is reversible. Tree-mendous on one side, but if you get bored with it, simply turn it over and it's, erm, owl-right. (I was brought up with bad puns).

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I finished last night and I think it works. I took aspects of each of the photos supplied and mixed them up (to create the rough below). The beach is local and the cliffs are bit of a landmark, so they add a personal touch to the illustration. Just the mounting to do now...