Sunday, 2 November 2014


To lighten (not really) the mood since my last rant, here's a happy Halloween post. Inspired by my beer label design and a last minute costume panic, it's me being a non-castle-specific green lady (there's one in every castle in Scotland, which does make it harder to believe in them). Or rather, this is what a green lady might look like if she were freezing, on her third night out in a row and fuelled entirely by vodka and red bull. I'm not sure the pale face paint and ghostly black shadows under the eyes were strictly necessary - I may have looked like that underneath too...

Anyway, the castle I'm drunkenly haunting in the pic is Muchalls, where some fab friends hosted an excellent Halloween party last weekend, but if I had to pick a specific green lady I'd be the Dunnottar one (she haunts the brewery...).

Happy Halloween.