Friday, 5 June 2009

Italian exhibition

Work has (finally) begun on the illustration for the Italian exhibition. I've based it on the farm in the Latvia post below, the countryside there is dotted with small farms like these - usually with a least one fruit tree or even a small orchard. The storks were everywhere with these amazingly huge and intricate nests. It's considered very lucky if a stork nests beside your house so I've added one to my little farm. It's a tenuous link to the exhibition theme of 'Earth' - if I'm honest, I actually had this illustration in my head while we were still in Latvia. It's just a happy coincidence that I have an excuse to begin it straight away! I saw the woman in the headscarf hoeing her small plot while we sped past her in the car and I knew then she would definitely be popping up in a future illustration.

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