Sunday, 2 March 2014

barefoot and books

Obviously overtaken by a moment of utter madness, I have signed myself up for a charity walk. There was a lovely, gentle 8 mile walk (kids and dogs welcome), but am I doing that? Nope, I am doing a marathon 26 miles!!! Not really sure what I was thinking! 

Anyway that means training, so this spring-like weekend, in between the roughs for the Morse book, I have been dragging myself out of bed at ridiculous o'clock to speed walk (ish) 5 miles a day - which is not as easy for me as it sounds, on both counts! I've also ditched my supermarket socks and clumpy hillwalking shoes for some high-tech barefoot shoes and aerodynamic socks. Well something like that, I'm not exactly sure, just rest assured there is oodles of research, development and technology behind what's on my feet. As far as I'm concerned, the fact I have no blisters is good enough for me and a definite result.

Between my walking with technology around the local countryside estate (the logo on the signage of which features, bafflingly and a tad disconcertingly, a wild boar), the Morse layouts and roughs continue to progress.

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