Monday, 20 May 2013

small is beautiful

I've had a few requests for cards over the years, but up until now the minimum order required made them prohibitively expensive to print. However, after the last request I sourced a print house in Bristol (which is a lovely place!) that will run quantities starting from just one card if I want. A whole new world of print possibilities... As I already had an enquiry for 10 of the Blessings image, I had them print a few extra. I also have an outlet locally, so I'm planning to print a few more images this way too. I think it's a cool way to buy an image if you can't quite stretch to the price of a print (and they look great framed too). If you want more info you can contact me here

Each card will sell locally for more, but there's a blog special (with envelope in cello wrap as above) for £2 each + P&P. I will give discounts for orders of 10 or more.

And the fabulous thing is that I can now print to order - so if you would like just one (or more - of whatever image you like) get in touch.


theartofpuro said...

So beautiful:)

HT said...

Hi! I would LOVE to purchase several of these cards, or prints. I have tried to reach you via email, but have been unsuccessful. I have many doula friends, we do a lot of blessingways, and I know we could get a fairly significant order together. If you could contact me back at I would greatly appreciate it!