Monday, 13 May 2013

shelf aware

Gosh, I hate to sound so materialistic, but I have to say my blogging is being given a whole new lease of life now that I have my iPad (seriously, those last five words are words I never, ever, thought I'd be typing). Luckily I figure hypocrisy is one of the lesser sins (except in other people obviously) so I have no problem squaring my distaste for consumerism with the fact that I now own two Apple products. (I also lust after a third, but that's another post). Anyway, go me - I'm in sync and totally connected at my kitchen table with jazz and a cup of tea!

But... proof that I do sometimes get my finger out... here are the shelves in J's room that I coveted way back

They've been up a while (and may well be moving rooms soon) but I still think they're a fabulous way to display books. And not just for children - I've bought more for my kitchen. Hopefully you won't have to wait another two years for the pics!

And by way of illustration news, a sneaky peak at one of the upcoming Juno illustrations (more on this when the next issue has hit the stands.

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