Friday, 3 June 2011


My goodness, I've moved so fast I'm still waiting for myself to catch up with myself... if you see what I mean... No? Me neither. Anyway, after making my grand announcement on 11th May to go back to full time work, I've managed to reinvent myself as a Technical Illustrator working in the... dun dun duh.... oil industry!?! So by day I'll be drawing oil rig platforms, by night I'll be working on my illustrations (assuming I can fight off the urge to veg all evening a full time job usually brings with it). Go super me.

But it's a scary world out there, and getting scarier by the day I reckon, so all in all it's a good move for me and my boys. And I'm a Technical Illustrator, so really I'm still an illustrator right? Technically.


Shelley (EvenAndy) said...

You are definitely still an illustrator (and a great one at that). Congrats on the new job! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

FabricFascination said...

Your title made me look. :0)
Good for you making the right decision for your family. I wish you success in your new endeavor.

Kala said...

Love your illustrations. I can relate to the "vegging" at the end of a full workday:):)

Paige @ Little White Chapel said...

An illustrator is still an illustrator! Maybe you'll grow to love it.