Friday, 24 June 2011

baby snakes

It's not a hat. An elephant inside a boa constrictor (from Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
So apart from drinking endless cups of tea, far too little wine and enjoying (*ahem*) the glorious Scottish summer of too much rain and not nearly enough sunshine on interminable repeat? This month I have been in an alternately decadent/distracted cocoon (and deeply immersed in American Gods, so don't want it to end and I never, well hardly ever, recommend a book) but have finally emerged on the other side of June with a new career in the offing and some interesting commissions.

The next two Juno illustrations are underway and ooh, some illustrated snakes (in the style of the Little Prince) have been requested. It's good to be drawing again.


Creating Trouble said...

Have you read 'Neverwhere'? Much preferred it to American Gods... Just came over from Etsy to say hello :-)

Veronica said...

I love 'Neverwhere' (my first introduction to Neil Gaiman and will never see the tube in the same way again). And hello!