Saturday, 22 January 2011

telling stories - a bookish giveaway

Oh dear, I'm afraid it's true, I have to confess I have an Etsy addiction. Under the thin guise of setting up my shop I've also been connecting with some super talented people and having mucho fun in the process. It's completely, totally, utterly addictive! Aside from the ongoing tinkering with my own bits and pieces, there's the compulsion to search out all the cool stuff available (and there's lots of it!). To prove my point, there's an ongoing bookish giveaway here, but even if you don't fancy winning a print (an A4 giclee of the Slugs and Snails drawing) or perhaps don't consider yourself a rampant reader, it's still totally worth popping over just to check out the some of the fab items my fellow Etsians have up for sale (I myself definitely have an eye on the fantastic [Mr] fox cushion cover).

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