Thursday, 10 July 2014

my mother said, I never should... with the gypsies in the wood! One of my favourite rhymes when I was little (along with the amazing illustration that accompanied it in the nursery rhyme book I had. If I find it, I will post it). So how fabulous is it that this beautiful caravan will be our holiday home this summer?! And it's a buy one, get one free kinda deal - it comes with the other caravan below! (And a fire pit, and morning croissants and fresh eggs for breakfast. I can't wait!).

Edit: mucho thanks to Victoria for posting the link to the illustration below, along with lots more. I haven't seen it for years! Thank you so much for sharing it!


Victoria Stitch said...

oh wow that look amazing!!

was this the illustration you had in your book? It was also my favourite one when I was little too!

Victoria Stitch said...

oh whoops forgot to post the link! here it is:

Veronica said...

Oh wow, yes it was! Thanks so much for sharing! That brings back so many memories - my sister and me had a book each; one with a pink cover and one with a blue cover, both different. So weird, I remember every detail, I must have spent hours looking at these! They are still somewhere at my parents' house, so thanks again!