Sunday, 20 April 2014

pigeon pickle

I realised today why two wood pigeons have been hanging about my teeny back garden lately. Obviously the lack of cats these days, coupled with the fact we've not been in it much over the winter, had led them to believe it was a people-free oasis of calm (and not the playground of small boys and Maine Coon it actually is) and they were busily building a nest in one of the larger bushes. Rather than let them get on with it (and discover later that it really wasn't the kind of neighbourhood to bring up small pigeons!), I thought it best to let them find out now, before their bird architecture progressed beyond the foundation stages. Sweeping up and banging shed doors open and shut wasn't doing much to dissuade them, just stressing them out (they're quite big, flappy and scary up close!), so I turned to Facebook with the pic above in the hope some of my more nature savvy friends might know how to gently persuade them to move on...

Turns out sticking an iPad in their face to take a pic for Facebook does the trick - half built nest now hurriedly vacated!

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