Sunday, 1 September 2013

good things, small packages

Some tiny, exquisite little quails eggs courtesy of my cousin Louise at Edenwater Eggs. I can't quite capture it in a photograph, but they are gorgeous and look far too good to eat - I really don't want to break them! I wish I had the time to make at least a tiny watercolour of them, they are just fab. Anyway (unfortunately) they will be forming part of my Monday lunch, so the yellow-tinted pic above will have to suffice!

And I am back in the blogging world because I have illustration news! I will be illustrating a new book by Gracie Summers (I have worked with Gracie before, so I'm really flattered that she suggested me for this one). It's about a cat called Morse, and contracts are being finalised as I type... More soon.

*update* a better pic in daylight before I ate them (they were tasty!)

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