Sunday, 5 February 2012

spring sing

A sneaky peak for you - sections from the latest illustrations for Juno's spring issue. I didn't really notice until  I saw them side by side here that they are actually both quite spring-like. Jeez, I must be feeling subconsciously optimistic!

I've also had an update on the book of children's plays I illustrated way back in 2010. After some scheduling issues at the publisher, it's back on track and I should have some finished copies in my grubby little mitts sometime in late spring. Especially exciting as I'd almost completely forgotten about it!


theartofpuro said...


Karien said...

Looks lovely! I am looking forward to my issue...which they will send me now, as I have contributed, jippety jay!

Veronica said...

Thanks for lovely comments. Loving your blog Karien, look forward to reading your article in my copy!