Friday, 8 July 2011


Ooh, getting quite excited now but eek! trying to juggle my last few precious days before I start my full time job on Monday. As well as frantically trying to finish my current freelance work, I figured I'd try and give myself a head start on the mess created by my resident house trolls (if I'm messy now, things can only get worse once I have less free time). The plan was to do a room a day but, as usual, things haven't gone quite to plan... Still, I did manage the kitchen, and I'm super chuffed with my sprouting aubergine plant (mmm, aubergines). I also have one whole strawberry! Go green fingered me.

In between times I hit fabulous Edinburgh with J. He was totally taken with the Scottish parliament building, especially when I was compelled to ask a handy policeman the way to Our Dynamic Earth (it's through that gap in the wall behind him if you're ever trying to find it!).

Weirdly, the freelance work seems to have picked up again which means I may have a busy summer in store, but just off the phone with my new boss and apparently my first task on Monday morning is a coffee with her. I think I'll be able to handle that...

[Weekend edit: Bizarre... Il semble que je me suis du jour au lendemain une sensation en France!? Je voudrais bien savoir pourquoi? Encore, je l'aime... Un très agréable week-end! (and excuse my horrible French).]

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