Monday, 18 April 2011

space to work

Having turned my tiny studio into a tiny bedroom when J was born, I've spent the last six years working on freelance projects haphazard style in various places around the house (the computer desk in the living room, the kitchen table, the worktop in the utility room). As a result, not only do I have bits and pieces scattered all over the place, it requires superhuman motivation to actually do anything, given I've to clear a space, find what I need and then clear up after myself (you don't want to leave a wet watercolour painting anywhere a cat might walk!). Superhuman motivation is not my strong point, so I'm totally excited that I've finally got round to setting up my own studio space in my bedroom. Right now I'm herding paints, pastels, ink, drawing boards, sketchbooks and other paraphernalia from all four corners of the house and organising them all in one place! I told you it was exciting. I'm also finding mucho inspirado in the Wednesday Workspace posts over here (where I found the photo above).

As well getting my mitts on a lovely new workspace table, I'll also be able to ditch my gruelling stool in favour of comfy seating - I picked up two fabulous chairs (for £10!) on a recent rummage through a Borders charity shop, which I plan to reupholster in lovely fabric procured for mucho cheapness on ebay... will post the transformation when I'm done (then all I'll have to do is actually sit down and get on with some work... maybe, just maybe, even this!).


Mama Kat & Girls said...

Fabulous! I too a few months ago decided to get my space together :)

ImSoVintage said...

how much fun. i love getting organized in one space. it makes life so much easier.

SisterBatik said...

I love your work desk and inspiration wall - I have one like that : )

Hope you come visit:

Veronica said...

Mama Kat, your space is cool (and v organised!).

I'mSoVintage, yup, is fun and it will make things easier. Now I'll have no excuse not to sit down and get things done - eek!

SisterBatik, I wish! I found that pic here
a great place for workspace ideas.