Friday, 25 March 2011

part of the process [and russian dolls are go]

The Russian dolls are approved and coming to a magazine near you this summer - here's a sneaky preview.

Meanwhile I have spent most of today completing my first proper linocut - a print to represent a print - and I have learned a lot in the process.

My foray into handmade prints has revealed the following: firstly, that linocutting is seriously, incredibly addictive. I like it. I'm talking losing hours here - there's something immensely satisfying and tactile going on AND it is colossal fun. Secondly, that I probably shouldn't have gone for a three colour reduction print relying on fairly intricate detail on my very first attempt. Err, right! What was I thinking?!? Thirdly (and this is a biggie), while gouache appears to be a fabulous medium for linocuts (oh yes, I tell you, on first printing it certainly gave that impression, pardon the pun), with the benefit of hindsight (possibly read common sense) any waterbased medium might be more inherently suited to printing colour separations than overprinting (this I learned the hard way, although there were some fabulous spontaneous textures to be had!). Finally, and most importantly I feel, I need to wear some kind of protective plaster on the middle finger of my right hand if I'm going to lose myself in this for hours on end (or suffer one ouchy blister!). I will post the final print once I've scanned it and you can make up your own mind.
Hmmm. I think the positive (and important) thing is that I learned something. And I am addicted to the process and the possibilities of it (and since I wrote this post title I have this earworming, was never a big Morcheeba fan but I guess it fits).

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