Monday, 3 August 2009

Beltane no more...

A blast from the past. Fires of Bel was created for I Colori del Sacro exhibition 2007 and has just been bought by a mystery man who saw it in the Italian touring exhibition. So it will not be returning to Scotland when the exhibition ends in November...

I'm waiting now to hear if the Jumis Tree will be selected for the 2009 exhibition, and I have already had some enquiries for the limited edition print (I have the first print, as the original is in Italy). The organisers produced the most fabulous full colour book (complete with spot UV varnish!) for the 2007 tour, I will try to remember to post some pictures of it as it was filled with wonderful illustrations from all over Europe.

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joanne May said...

Hi Veronica,
Wow. Beautiful artwork. I love this painting. Congratulations on selling it to the mystery man!:)
I am now following your blog. I'm an artist too. Come and visit my site if you like. Hope to see you soon.:)