Tuesday, 7 April 2009

the dog run

Over the winter I have been giving Kenzie the husky the run of the garden, with the result that it now resembles just that - a huge dog run! Hence the only photographs I am showing are in extreme close-up!

I am amazed by the amount of destruction one dog can wreak without really even trying, it's actually quite impressive... However, as this is the year I plan to start my herb garden and also want to plant a mini orchard, it's time to rein in Kenzie's destructive gardening tendencies so I've splashed out on a kennel with a dog run. It will arrive next week and I can begin to reclaim the garden. It also means Jack's small friends can come over to play without fear of being bowled over by an overenthusiastic 'wolf'! It's a pity wolves get such a bad press in kids stories - it means most children are terrified of her before she's even had a chance to do anything! (and in reality, she's just a big softie anyway).

If I feel brave enough I may post before and after garden pics... talking of gardening pics, I finally got round to updating the growing boy blog

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