Monday, 4 August 2008

tartan day

Just had the crappest weekend ever!!! Tartan Day on Saturday and it all went brilliantly, the band was amazing (even after all the last minute hitches), lots of folk turned up to try out instruments and the leaflet was a big success... then I fell over in Union Terrace gardens, laden with armfuls of stuff, and completely mangled my knee!!! A month's work and I couldn't enjoy it as I had one leg covered in blood!!! Totally walking wounded. My knee looks like someone went at it with an enormous cheese grater. I stayed to take pics of the band (what a brave little soldier I am!!!) then spent 2 hours in A&E.. and then the car broke down on the way home!!!! Finally got home at 9:30ish, tired, sore and starving. Am typing this with one leg at a jaunty angle on the settee as I'm supposed to keep it elevated... Poop indeed!!!

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