Saturday, 7 July 2007

I had a lightbulb moment - I quite often drift into a kind of reverie while drawing the dog portraits and this one come to me while drawing little Tiggy and Sam (above). I'm working on it now (and don't want to give too much away just yet!) but I'll also upload some of the draft sketches. I'm doing the final artwork in pastels for a dreamy feel.

As is normally the case, I now HATE the Beltane illustration with a passion and cringe inwardly at the thought that I actually sent it to Italy. It's one of those strange conundrums - while I'm working on something I'm totally absorbed and feel so positive. The moment it's finished I can see everything that's wrong with it and end up thinking it's complete SH***! I'm not sure if all illustrators are afflicted or if it's just me.


Lexi Revellian said...

How do you feel about an illustration of yours if you come across it months or years later?

Do you think, 'Oh, that's rather good?'

And do you still hate it immediately on finishing it, if someone else sees it and loves it?

I like the dogs, by the way; vivid and individual.

Veronica said...

If you're talking YEARS later, maybe it's possible that I could have some affection for it, but I would definitely still see all the bits that I could have done better (and usually can envisage a whole new concept that would have illustrated it better too!). The only exception is if it's in print, because print has a habit of altering my perception of an illustration - the colours are brighter, the image has usually been reduced too which helps to minimise the (I think, glaringly obvious!) bits that I usually hate.
As for someone else's opinion, that has no bearing on it at all. It's the same as if you have a low self-esteem day and you go out feeling you look like sh**, it doesn't matter what you actually look like, or how many people tell you otherwise - you still feel like sh**. That's how it is with my illustrations.